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I’ve got my head on straight (most of the time). I recently found out that I have one leg that’s slightly shorter than the other. It’s called “Short Leg Syndrome” – which isn’t all that bad if you learn to walk with a modest swagger. I’m really good at reaching for things in high places (think top shelves at the grocery store) thanks to my Go-Go Gadget arms.


Sometimes, I lie awake at night…with fleeting thoughts. Why is salt and pepper hair cool for men, but not for women? Why do most animals look like they’re naturally smiling?  Why do they bother with those tiny handles on maple syrup bottles?  Who are ‘they’?  And why are they somehow credible?


I spend a lot of time thinking about the meaning of life… in an existential, non-suicidal type of way.

This blog transpired out of general restlessness, triggered by a break up…an area of my life I have somehow mastered.  What I’ve learned is, breaking up–whether it be with a significant other or with a job–is about change.  Change is about growth.  I’ve spent some time trying to piece things back together in the relationship department and, boy, is this the biggest jigsaw puzzle I’ve ever had the pleasure of putting together.

Below is the first ID card my brother, Thomas, once filled out for me…proving that I am a real person, with no action and good blood.

su ID card

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