Toss the bouquet toss

“Shame is a soul eating emotion.” — C.G. Jung


There is a time and place for Beyonce’s classic “Single Ladies” song, which is fun, upbeat and empowering when you want it to be. (i.e. At a bachelorette party)

When you’re a 36 year old single lady surrounded by a bunch of married couples and children and it’s the anthem used to reel in all the single ladies at a wedding onto the dance floor for a bouquet toss, it’s dreadful.

As the dj cranks up the music, the emcee is scanning the room like a hawk, calling upon random women…so far the oldest one on the floor is in her late teens.

Don’t make eye contact.

I sink down in my seat, looking as small as I feel. As I peer over to my left, I’m now at eye level with my 3 yr old nephew.


Nephew: “Can I see your hands? Can I see your hands?”

Me: “Why? What?”

Nephew: “I don’t see a ring. I don’t see a ring? Gooo!”

Even my little nephew is in on the shaming!

I turn to my right, fixated on my cousin’s girlfriend’s meal. Suddenly, I see a heart on her chicken breast. And there it is, a reminder that I am loved.


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